Illustrator and Photoshop artwork templates for:
Tote Bags

If you would like to get the best out of your artwork, we have tutorial’s available for how to get one-colour, multiple-colour and halftone artwork print-ready, so just drop us an email.

Maximum print-sizes

Standard print on adult T-shirts and sweatshirts is up to 27.5cm wide x 40cm high.

An oversize print on adult T-shirts is up to 42cm wide x 59.4cm high (or the largest it will fit on the smallest garment size).

Front print in hoodies up to 27.5x27.5cm (as we are restricted by pockets/pouches).

Standard print size on tote bags is up to 27.5cm wide x 32cm high (though dependent on the brand, bags with a gusset may have a larger printable surface).

Maximum printsize on toddler and babywear is up to 21cm wide x 29.7cm high (or the largest artwork will fit on the smallest garment size).

Label and logo prints on our cheaper pricing structure are for prints up to 10x10cm.