Our Standard inks sink into the fabric, leaving what’s called a ‘soft-hand’ feel, an incredibly soft feel, which is more like dyeing the fabric as opposed to printing on it. They are bold colours but aren’t as opaque as our Supercover inks so are best suited to light garments. Our Supercover inks are more opaque and sit on top of the fabric, meaning that dark fabric colours underneath won’t show through. They have a textured and bold feel to them- though because they are more expensive inks for us to buy, and are more work to print with (as we print each colour twice, flashing in between), we have to charge a higher printing price to use them. As a general rule of thumb, the ink colour needs to be darker than the garment colour to use the Standard inks.

We only use Permaset Aqua inks manufactured by Colormaker in Australia.

Water based inks do not contain PVC or phthalates and are much more environmentally friendly. It is well documented that a bi product of the manufacture of PVC are dioxins, which have strong links to cancer and other conditions. Permaset Aqua inks do not contain any toxic chemicals at all. It is formulated free from Lead and other heavy metals and passed the Oekotex Class 1 standard with 60% to spare. It is safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swim wear.

Permaset Aqua inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFC's and HCFC's, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. And you don't need solvents to clean the screens down after they've been used - you can clean them with water.

Most screen printing companies were using Plastisol inks as water based inks can be difficult to use due to air drying and usually, they are not as durable and opaque as Plastisol inks. Permaset Aqua inks were developed with this in mind. They are highly durable to wash, rub and dry-clean, together with intense pigment colour for excellent coverage, opacity and colour brightness. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale - in fact most of the colours received ratings of 8/8.

For us, as screen printers, they are safe to use and allows us to maintain a healthy low impact print shop. For the end users they produce a soft, bold and safe to use printed product.

As a general rule, if the ink colours are darker than the garment colour, we’ll use our standard inks (the ‘light’ prices), if the ink colour is lighter than the garment colour, we’ll use Supercover inks (the ‘dark’ prices).

The colour swatches may not resemble the inks in real life. If you would like physical samples of the inks you are interested in using (either on fabric or paper) please send a S.A.E to Eco Merch, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, B9 4AA.

Custom mixed inks are charged at £10 per colour, and a matt, physical sample will be required for best results.

Please note custom mixes are done by hand and eye, so there may be some variation.