Our Brands

Although we are always on the look out for new environmentally friendly brands we can offer to our customers, and can source from a wide range of brands, here are our most popular:

Anvil Knitwear are a US based wholesale apparel company which primarily produces Honduran assembled US grown cotton garments. They currently have the most comprehensive range of sustainable garments including organic cotton, recycled P.E.T polyester, recycled cotton and organic cotton in transition/conversion. Their T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies range from excellent promo quality to the very best we have come across, and as a bonus, we can get them in at an excellent price point.

Some of the styles have removable labels, which are perfect for customer re-branding, having brand details printed into the inside neck. All T-shirts are tubular knit so good for interesting print positioning and across the range, they hold their shape extremely well after many washes. They also boast the largest size range- with some styles ranging from XS-4XL.

On the downside, they all come from a European warehouse in Germany so the delivery to us is more expensive than most and the lead time is slightly longer. We recommend that they are purchased in a minimum of 30 T-shirts per order (colours, sizes and styles can be mixed).

They also have youth and toddler T-shirts available in organic cotton.

Continental Clothing has their major bases in the UK and Germany and primarily manufacture in Turkey, China and India. They have a strong ethical backbone, and although not the first UK Organic blank wholesaler they have been supplying organic cotton for a good few years. They offer the most comprehensive range of garments with a quantifiable low carbon footprint under their sub-brand EarthPositive, although these garments are quite thin compared to other brands. They have a range of retail quality bamboo T-shirts with just size labels in the necks, ideal for clothing labels who want their own branding printed in the neck.

They work with the Carbon Trust on reducing and measuring the carbon footprint of select products, their factories are monitored and audited by The Fair Wear Foundation and a CC Director sits on the Board of the Environmental Justice Foundation. They have also banned the use of Uzbekistan cotton from all of their products.

Unfortunately they have a pricing system where garments have a pack price (usually 10 per size colour and style) a carton rate (80-120) and then a much higher singles price for anything purchased not in a multiple of 10. This means low volumes or a mix of colours and styles will be more expensive than other garments we can source.

Possibly the most luxurious T-shirts and sweats we offer, the Okarma range is a heavier weight than most and super soft organic cotton.

They manufacture in India with the organic cotton grown in the same country. The fits are generous in the T-shirts, they also all have a small embroidered emblem in the bottom left (as worn).

American apparel is possibly the most well recognised brand we offer. Their US based and US manufacturing origins have won them many fans over the years and their styles cutting edge. They have a good range of Organic T-shirts with some of the more unique colour ways and cuts, however, they come in at a higher price point than everything else.

Excellent for retailing, an American Apparel label is usually a great selling point.